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Position: Project Engineer
Department: Engineering

About Dan Duminuco

My clients need thoughtfulness regarding how their product will be interacted with. Inefficiencies and short-sightedness in end-user usage ceremony, part count, labor, or cost can cause problems. Understanding this and asking deliberate questions regarding the context of the usage ceremony informs constraints and helps steer the logic of the project toward a low risk and efficient solution. Asking the right questions helps to understand client constraints so I can deliver intelligent and creative solutions. 

With a degree in Industrial Design from Virginia Tech, and experience in medical product development, I bring awareness to user-centered design: rapidly iterating to optimize usability, functionality, manufacturability, and aesthetics. 

As your project engineer, I can help you reevaluate what you are trying to achieve, what is required, and what is not required for your project, so you can launch your product to manufacture.

Contact Information

E: dduminuco@natechplastics.com