Position: Director of Operations and Continual Improvement
Department: Engineering

About John Correia

Many clients aspire to have clean products produced in a controlled environment. But some clients may have a hard time with suppliers who can’t improve to meet their new needs. I work to continually enhance Natech’s capabilities, like building and improving our new clean room, so clients can trust that they will receive parts up to their standards. As your Project Engineer, I handle internal projects and drive continuous improvement within the company so clients’ quality products are delivered on time. I received my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Farmingdale State University. After graduating, I came to Natech as a Project Engineer and Sales Engineer Intern and worked my way up from there. With both new and legacy projects, I try to incorporate new technology and methods to improve all jobs that are running personnel on a continual basis. Constantly educating myself on the latest technologies helps me think outside the box when I tackle new projects.  From the clean room to the quality lab, call me to guarantee your high-quality parts. Direct: (631) 580-3506

Contact Information

P: (631) 580-3506
E: jcorreia@natechplastics.com