Position: Engineering Manager
Department: Engineering

About Michael Botta

Mike Botta is the Engineering Manager at Natech Plastics.  Having joined Natech in 2012, he provides end-to-end engineering and design support and fulfills general management and account management responsibilities for many Natech accounts.  With over ten years of experience in the engineering of medical devices, he has developed client relationships by owning the details of their programs and offering solutions to their engineering challenges.  He authored Natech’s IQ/OQ/PQ Mold Qualification Protocol, and spearheaded its implementation using Scientific Molding and Scientific Processing as its foundation.  He’s also very happy to talk your ear off about all things Scientific Molding/Processing.  Botta holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Binghamton University and has 18 medical device patents to his name.

When not at work, you’ll find him at his quiet Long Island home spending quality time with his loving wife and his toddler twin boys.  He is an avid weight lifter and fitness enthusiast and loves getting some fresh air on local biking and hiking trails.

Contact Information

P: (631) 615-6994
E: mbotta@natechplastics.com