Position: CEO
Department: Office of the President

About Thomas Nagler

We learn, we teach, we master.  Tom Nagler, CEO, sees Natech Plastics as a living laboratory, built to deliver experiential learning opportunities to the community of people the company touches.  Tom joined Natech in 1999, moving from steel, at Marubeni America Corporation, to plastic, with the common thread being new product development and multi-disciplinary engineering challenges.  Natech’s late founder, and Tom’s father, Gerd Nagler firmly and lovingly groomed him for the diverse challenges of steering a manufacturing business headquartered in Long Island, New York, USA.  This included supporting Toms’ academic pursuits, most-recently as a Beta Gamma Sigma graduate of Columbia Business School’s Master of Business Administration program.  Outside of the office Tom has a life-long passion for science fiction, believes that he’s his best athletic-self (surfer, baller) today in his mid-40’s, and seeks to foster a life of gratitude and connection, starting at home with his wife Chris and shepherd Arnold.

Contact Information

P: 631-580-3506