Natech Wins Innovation Award for Automated Assembly Line

Natech Wins MAPP Innovation Award for Automated Manufacturing Solutions

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Ronkonkoma, NY, December 7

Natech Plastics proudly accepted their second place win for the 2023 MAPP Innovation Award at the 2023 MAPP Benchmarking & Best Practices Conference for their implementation of an automated assembly line. The Innovation Award recognizes best practices from innovative companies that make dedicated efforts to implement new ideas, keeping their business ahead of the curve in the competitive manufacturing industry.

Automated Assembly Photo

Natech received this award for designing, developing, manufacturing, and implementing a multi-step, fully automated assembly line for a water filtration system. Through the implementation of this assembly line, they were able to reshore a program that historically could only be done overseas due to labor costs. This has efficiently optimized the client’s logistics, capitalizing on the proximity of a US-based location to their central warehouse. Natech transitioned from a completely manual process to automation, reducing defects and enhancing consistency.

The process begins with placing the part into a conveyor belt nest, followed by using a rotary pneumatic cylinder and gear system to guide the filter into the casing. Pneumatic cylinders then place the lid, and ultrasonic welding occurs as the product advances down the line. A gate system separates O-rings, and pneumatic cylinders with a gripper place the O-ring into the groove. Finally, the part undergoes an engraving process before dropping into an auto-bagger. Watch the automated line in the video below.

The 2023 Innovation Award was divided into two categories: Smart Manufacturing and Labor Solutions. Both categories were judged on criteria including overall impact, creativity, sustainability, monetary value, and level of in-house creation.

Automated Assembly Award

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