ERP Platform Keeps Molders Connected in the Pandemic

ERP Platform Keeps Molders Connected in the Pandemic

March 11, 2021
Senior Editor
Plastics Technology

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offers its users many tools and modules with manufacturing and plastics specific platforms like DELMIAworks touching everything from inventory and quality to bookkeeping and process and machine monitoring.


Taking the ERP Plunge

Back in 2019, Long Island based custom molder and moldmaker Natech Plastics “took the plunge” and invested in DELMIAworks, according to David Kachoui, director of business development at the company. Prior to that, Kachoui says the company used a “mish mash” of systems, ranging from Access and Excel to QuickBooks. Natech maintains two manufacturing facilities less than a mile from each other Ronkonkoma, N.Y. with a third mold making site in Clark, N.J. The implementation carried into 2020 when Natech transitioned its accounting operations to the ERP platform, undertaking a portion of that work during the pandemic.

“The first phase of implementation was already completed—that was before covid hit,” Kachoui recalls, “so it was really the second phase—the accounting implementation—that overlapped with the remote work. We were really lucky that it happened like that because we had already gone through a large part of the implementation, and it was just about going through that process a second time for that module.”

Beyond the accounting department, engineering also utilized the platform’s remote capabilities, with any employees who could work remotely doing so during the outbreak. “Obviously we’re not talking about somebody who has to be out on the manufacturing floor,” Kachoui says, “but the engineers were able to and did; they were using DELMIAworks.”