February Employee Recognition: David Kachoui

February Employee Spotlight

David Kachoui

Chief Marketing Officer

Joined Natech: September 27, 2010

From engineering to production to quality, David optimizes processes to make sure customers get the best quality product at higher speeds, which means lower piece prices and less risks. He is always learning new skills to help people and improve efficiency of processes, so our customers’ products get launched as soon as possible.

Q: What do you do at Natech?

In two words, problem-solve. I step in where the need or opportunity is the greatest. If we have a weakness, then I’ll spend the time to turn that weakness into a strength.

I’m always working to discover what the industry needs, what they are currently getting, and what we can do to provide for them. I try to improve the services we offer so our customers can get what they want. I work on the new products and services we want to develop and offer. Some of these include becoming FDA-registered, establishing a Cleanroom, receiving our ISO 13485 certification, and bringing services like medical assembly, medical packaging, filling and sealing, and plasma treatment to Natech.

Q: What about your role helps achieve Natech’s goals?

I make sure that our products and services get launched. That launch doesn’t end with us finishing the product. I work on improving efficiency of the process behind it. I also train other people to make incremental improvements to our cycle times and product quality. Good quality at a higher speed translates to big benefits for our customers. They get the product earlier, at a lower risk, for a lower price.

Our ability to adopt new technology and processes rapidly makes us super adaptable for our clients with changing needs. I aim to ensure our abilities are constantly adapting to help clients succeed.

David did great work improving the process with our new filling stations. Especially because he’s involved in a department other than his own. He’s always providing support to everyone on the Natech team in every field.

Domingo Hernandez

Q: How did you start your career in business development and marketing?

I used to be a project manager but I wanted to reach the next step in my career. I grew up with entrepreneurial parents, so I had the entrepreneurial bug. I wanted to help run a business. When I was in business school, I focused on marketing because I wanted to get better at that and wanted to take the opportunity to improve the business when I came to Natech.

I started with cold calling and individual sales. Later, I started building up the marketing side with email campaigns, website updates, and social media.

Q: What is the most useful thing you’ve learned at Natech?

The integration of all the different components of the business. It all fits together. The experience working here, the customer experience, and the level of success all stems from different pieces in the company working together.

Q: What is something that most people might not know about you?

People see me and describe me as calm. It seems like I have it all together, but I do get stressed and I do struggle with things.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to spend time with my family. I love hiking, traveling, and exploring new places with them. We’ve gone to Ireland, New Zealand, Chile, done a 5-day rafting adventure on the Futaleufú River. I tend to prefer adventure and love to go to new places.

I used to write screenplays. In high school, I thought about being an actor or writer, so I watched, read, and acted in a lot of plays. I did a lot of short films and wrote some plays and screenplays. Now, I love reading books. And I love to wake up in the morning and write. I’ve been working on a novel for some time now. It would be cool if I could finish the novel and get it published.

Q: What’s one thing that you can’t live without?

I can’t live without some kind of challenge in life.

I can’t live without running. Running makes me feel normal. I wake up at 5am to run first thing in the morning. When I run, I feel a sense of freedom and I’m able to connect with myself and my environment.

Q: What’s your favorite part about working at Natech?

Getting to create new things, whether those are new client products, new capabilities, or new processes.

It’s also nice to see people grow. I get to be apart of that growth and contribute to the fulfillment of people in a way they get to be proud of. I like the sense of accomplishment and togetherness.

Q: What is your proudest achievement while working here?

Getting to be apart of growing this business with Tom (CEO). Customers used to come to us and say they can’t work with us because we didn’t have certain capabilities. Overtime, we built our abilities so our customers can come to us with what they need and we can do it.

Q: What are your goals for the company in the next few years?

I want to add on more capabilities. I’d like to get into liquid formulation and lateral flow assay production. I’d like to get a lab, build out the rest of our white room, and develop our prototype facility. We’re going out of our comfort zone right now and we’ll look back and think it was worth it and made all the difference.

Q: What personal goals do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

Professionally, I want to earn my master’s degree in industrial engineering. Personally, I want to finish my novel.

Q: What motivates you to do what you do?

The sense of accomplishment. It’s about having a positive impact on people. Receiving positive feedback from our customers about how they are grateful for us helping them really drives me.

Q: What are three traits that define you?

  1. Dreamer.
  2. Disciplined. I’m willing to roll up my sleeves and do whatever to improve my skills in whatever area the organization needs. And I’m willing to do that over the long-term.
  3. Self-accepting. I’m self-compassionate. I take care of, acknowledge, and accept myself.

Q: What are three traits that define Natech?

  1. Collegial.
  2. Agile. We’re consistently watching what’s happening in our industries and adjusting to changes.
  3. Growing.