Natech Introduces Cobot Cell to Main Production Floor

Ronkonkoma, NY, August 13, 2021 – 

Natech is making advancements in automation efforts to increase efficiency of manufacturing processes by adding a new cobot cell to its production floor. The cobot, or collaborative robot, is a robot that assists operators with secondary operations. Natech’s cobot picks up 20 parts at once from a conveyor and neatly places them into storage boxes, reducing the workload and stress on operators and creating a more efficient manufacturing process.

Natech invested in this technology and added an additional Automation Engineer, Sarah Worsham, to the team to optimize utilization of the cobot. 

“It’s great that we improve the safety, health, and wellbeing of the operators. And the future of automation is exciting as I see so many opportunities with the cobot. It makes the process more efficient while achieving the same goal,” Worsham said.

Manual operations on the production floor can be inefficient and cause operators physical stress from continuously picking up parts. The cobot helps increase production rates, reduce cycle times, and allows operators to focus on more value-added tasks, which means clients can expect to have their part in their hands faster.

The cobot is named Captain America, or Cap, for short. Just like Captain America is the first avenger, our cobot is the first of its kind on the Natech production floor. Cap also picks up 20 plastic caps at a time, saving time for our operators.

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About Natech Plastics 

Natech Plastics is a contract development and manufacturing firm, located in Ronkonkoma, NY. Natech specializes in offering end-to-end services for clients in the medical device and diagnostics markets. Natech offers services in design, engineering, injection molding, assembly, filling and sealing, and packaging. Natech is certified ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and an FDA-registered facility, and operates an ISO class 8 cleanroom.