Natech Invests in Program Management

Natech Delivers Complex Projects on Schedule

Taking a single part design from a new client and delivering production parts on schedule might require a bit of planning. Building nine steel tools simultaneously and delivering all parts on an aggressive schedule requires a much higher of level expertise in program management.

“From the start we have to build thorough project plans with risk identification and remediation plans,” explains Mike Botta, Natech’s Senior Mechanical Engineer. “Then we have to be disciplined about keeping the schedule accurate as things change in real time.“

After conducting an extensive search, the client selected Natech because “I liked the honesty, and I needed somebody who’s going to be truthful and not just be a ‘yes’ person.”

In the spirit of collaboration, when the program was kicking off, Natech sent a small team to train the client’s junior engineers on some of the more advanced aspects of injection molding design for manufacturing and assembly. One engineer described the benefit, “We learned more in seven hours of that training than we would have learned over several months.“

David Kachoui, Natech’s Director of Business Development explains that “this program’s success means all multi-tool programs over the past 3 years have completed on schedule.” Natech is making a deep commitment by investing in training people to build the project management capability across functional areas.

The improvements in schedule management, risk management, and quality management ultimately translate into shorter lead times, better plans, and reduced costs for clients.