Position: Principal Manufacturing Engineer
Department: Engineering

About Joshua Romero

My clients come to me with their conceptual designs and want functional, quality parts. So they need engineering support and a manufacturing partner. But many times they end up with designs that cannot be made, are not cost effective, or will take too long.

I believe a broad knowledge base lays the foundation for creative design to quickly solve problems and avoid new problems. My clients are the program leaders who sometimes rely on me to own more than my scope of work.

That is why after earning my M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stony Brook University, I have pursued both engineering and entrepreneurial experiences. I have engineered energy storage, fluidics, point-of-care diagnostics, aerospace, internal combustion, and electric transportation systems. I am a patent holder and have won the Sema Best New Product: Tool and Equipment Category Award.

As your project engineer, I will 1. Manage your project, 2. Design for manufacturing, 3. Launch to manufacture.

Call me for an initial review of your project so you can start making your product.

Direct: (631) 285-2441

Contact Information

P: (631) 285-2441
E: jromero@natechplastics.com