April Employee Recognition: Sonia Velasquez

April Employee Spotlight:

Sonia Velasquez
Foreman Assistant

Joined Natech: September 19, 2013

Sonia always takes initiative and does things before she’s told to. I always look for a spark, for people who want to learn. She was that person. Some people just listen and whatever, but she would always be asking questions, smart questions. Most of the time, people are not curious. She’s curious and wants to learn.

She’s very bright and I’m very proud of her overcoming obstacles. This is a mostly male-dominated field in injection molding. I think it’s a big step in her career to overcome this barrier and learn the skills that are typically done by men.

And she’s an inspiration for the operators. There’s typically a barrier that women have for this position. It shows the operators that they can get to this position. She troubleshoots, fixes, and sets up everything. She's a leader and her spirit uplift the spirits of operators. If anyone needs anything, they ask Sonia.

-Domingo Hernandez

Sonia started with Natech in 2013 as a Machine Operator, trained in the quality department, and soon became a Lead Operator. She is currently a Foreman Assistant and is training to become a Shift Foreperson.

Sonia exemplifies Natech's value of continual improvement and shows how always learning can improve an individual, along with the entire organization. We are thankful for Sonia for always aiming to learn more and improve herself and the company!

Q: What is your favorite part about your job? 

A: I feel confident whenever I come into Natech because I can feel the attachment here. I feel like I can help everyone on the production floor with whatever they might need. I like that people works together as a team and that makes our work easier. I love to help and talk to people. Seeing people working together is perfect. 

This company also gives so many opportunities to learn more. Like if you want to learn, go ahead.

"She's amazing and so hard-working. One time before it snowed, she put out rock salt in our parking lot because she knew people would have trouble parking outside the building, even though it wasn't her job to. She always takes initiative and always goes above and beyond." -April Nielsen


Q: What is your proudest achievement while working here?

A: My proudest achievement is getting my 5-year badge. There are things that I accomplished that I never thought I could do in my life. There were no jobs in the small town I grew up in. In Honduras, the woman is in the house. Keeping the house clean, cooking, and taking care of the kidsHere, I like this life, because a woman can take any job. And when I work in this job, I feel strong.

Q: What's something that surprised you about working at Natech? 

A: I realized that people here come from all different backgrounds, so they all have unique characteristics. I had to learn how to relate to and treat different people.

Q: How do you feel like you've grown since you first started here? 

A: I started as an operator and now I am an assistant of the whole shift. Working at Natech changed my persona, patience, and attitude. Changing my position in the company and having to become a leader helped me understand people more and improve my teamwork abilities. I had to learn to have patience and change my character to better understand and communicate with people.


"I nominated Sonia because of her work on a specific pad printing project. We were under a lot of pressure to get these parts running as fast as possible. She's always open to suggestions and receiving feedback. And she's like that for all of her tasks. She killed it for this project and always knows exactly what she's doing."

- John Correia

Manufacturers using checklist

Q: What is something people might not know about you? 

A: Everyone knows I have a strong personality. It shows in my face and the way I am. But truthfully, I am sensitive. 

Q: What are your favorite Natech memories? 

A: My favorite memories are the Christmas parties. The thing I like most about the Christmas party is that everyone gets together and we all get to eat and spend time together.

"Her best quality is her positive attitude. Always. No matter how terrible the conditions or situation is, she'll respond with positivity." - Betty Merrifield

What do you like to do in your free time? 

A: One thing that people might not know about me is that I like sports and going to the gym. My favorite sport is soccer. I love to watch soccer with my family and I've played soccer when I was younger. Now my son plays soccer also. I also love watching Discovery Channel.

Q: What are three traits that define you? 

A: Passion, dedication, willingness.

Natech's Employee Spotlights are meant to celebrate and highlight employees at Natech who go above and beyond each day. These employees are nominated by their team members.