Natech Installs 3 New Injection Molding Machines

Natech Plastics

Ronkonkoma, NY, June 29, 2022

Natech Improves Speed and Efficiency with 3 New Injection Molding Presses

Natech Plastics purchased and installed 3 new injection molding machines this quarter. These machines will service customers in the medical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries.

Natech installed a new 470E 112-ton ARBURG with an integrated robot, Nissei FNX280 with a YCII-250 servo-driven take-out Yushin robot, and Nissei FNX360 with a YCII-400 servo-driven take-out Yushin robot. After installing the presses, Natech was able to start production after only four days.

The new ARBURG and Nissei presses give engineers and operators more opportunities to efficiently run scientific molding. Scientific molding is a data-driven approach that develops a reliable and repeatable process with little to no variation. Scientific molding optimizes the tool design and validates the part’s end use.

“Because of the machine’s new technology, we can develop more stable processes. This ensures the processes will yield quality parts for clients,” Domingo Hernandez, plant manager of Natech said.

The new ARBURG press has faster robot to machine integration and helps to improve cycle times. Natech found that there was a 4 second difference in cycle time compared to the machine it replaced. New machines that improve speed and efficiency ensure clients can receive their parts faster.

Natech’s automation engineer, Sarah Worsham, programmed the machine to run automatically. “With a fully automatic process, the robot picks up the parts to put them on the conveyor. A fully automatic process helps produce the most parts per minute,” Sarah said.

Compared to the machine it replaced, the Nissei presses run bigger and smaller molds. With multiple machines that can run bigger molds, Natech has a more flexible schedule and clients don’t have to wait because a machine isn’t available to run their product.

In addition to the injection molding machines, Natech purchased new auxiliary equipment, including two DRI-AIR dryers, which dry, mix, and blend plastic resins.

The three previous machines will be utilized at Natech’s moldmaking facility for mold sampling and production. Natech has a total of 19 injection molding presses between their 3 facilities. With these machines, Natech has the capacity and capability to tackle complex projects with current and new customers.

About Natech Plastics

Natech Plastics is a contract development and manufacturing firm, located in Ronkonkoma, NY. Natech specializes in offering end-to-end services for clients in the medical device and diagnostics markets. Natech offers services in design, engineering, injection molding, assembly, filling and sealing, and packaging. Natech is certified ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and an FDA-registered facility, and operates an ISO class 8 cleanroom.