Natech Invests in Machine Efficiency

Solutions Injection Molding Press

“Technology moves on, and we now have the newest,” explains Gerd Nagler, CEO of Natech Plastics.

In its ongoing commitment to reinvest in a young production facility, Natech has replaced two injection molding presses.  “This reduces Natech’s average machine age to 8 years, which beats the industry average by 4 to 5 years,” says David Kachoui, Natech’s Director of Business Development.

Natech President, Tom Nagler, describes the strategy, “Instead of investing in a higher maintenance budget to replace parts of the machines, we chose to replace machines to remain young and vibrant.”  This allows for greater speed, more control, and as little expense as possible.

The two new hybrids consume half the electricity of the hydraulic presses they replaced.  A big cornerstone of quality is having an uncluttered manufacturing space, and the new hopper-mounted material dryers help with space constraints.  The new, servo-motor-driven robots are faster, more reliable, and more flexible.