Lateral Flow Cassette

Natech Plastics is the industry leader for lateral flow cassette devices.

We are an ISO-certified, family-owned provider of engineering, custom injection molding, and contract manufacturing services. Our clients bring demanding applications best served by expert engineers and manufacturers. Natech frequently encounters situations where lateral flow cassette developers need to take their product from low to high volume manufacture. We make these products come to life.

Injection Molding in USA

We take pride in being the leader of lateral flow cassette manufacture. All Natech tools and production parts are made in the USA. We run three shifts per day, five days per week, and weekends are run on an as-needed basis.

All our injection molding presses are equipped with servo-driven robotics for high-speed automation.

Clients trust Natech to be the leader of lateral flow cassette devices because of our experts in engineering and manufacturing. Our engineers’ experience includes mold qualifications in medical IQ/OQ/PQ, high volume automation in consumer packaging, and engineering-grade resins and ultra-polymers in electronics.

We have developed hundreds of products and manufactured millions of parts annually for the medical industry. Medical devices include point of care diagnostics, microfluidics, and pharmaceutical drug delivery applications.

Injection Molding Lateral Flow Devices

Natech Plastics consistently supports rapid assay product launches, with over 12 million rapid assay housings manufactured per year. Our engineering team is experienced in assisting clients with designing products that are able to scale from initial testing to production.

We regularly encounter situations where product developers using lateral flow were so focused on creating a product that works that when production ramps up, the operations manager comes to us for help in overcoming challenges with assembly, quality, etc.

Consumer Plastic Molded Products

For the consumer market we specialize in the automated production of high-volume disposables, unit-dose packaging, caps and closures, and over-the counter diagnostics and drug delivery applications.

In the electronics market we draw upon deep experience in comprehensive analysis and testing for evaluation and verification to design and build lighter, more durable electronics components.

Our product development, including lateral flow cassette devices, is managed by a Project Engineer who monitors and controls deliverables and provides regular status updates.

Being the industry leader of lateral flow cassette devices, Natech’s mold designs are supported by MoldFlow Analysis, a Viscosity Curve, a Cavity Balance Study, a Pressure Window Characterization, a Gate Seal Time Study, and a Cooling Time Study. Natech engineers are masters of insert configuration and design single-cavity R&D molds with steel inserted areas. Interchangeable plates, inserts, and sub-inserts allow for more rapid design iterations at LOWER cost than creating new molds for each feature variation. SPI Class 103 and 104 molds are constructed from P20 steel and aluminum with hot runners and cold runners.

Production molds are high cavitation SPI Class 101 and 102 molds constructed from hardened steel. Cold runner, hot sprue, and hot runner molds are designed with up to 128 cavities.

Precision Plastic Injection Molding

Our precision lateral flow cassette injection molding options include scientific molding, R&D molding, high-cavitation molding, micro molding, over molding, and insert molding.

Our mold maintenance plan ensures each mold undergoes regular cleaning and review at predefined intervals based upon the number of setups and cycles. Mold inspections, general mold maintenance, major mold maintenance, and preventative maintenance are standard operating procedures.

Natech uses design for injection molding and design for assembly to address manufacturing risks for lateral flow devices. For this device, our team considered misalignment risk and improved the readiness of the design for manufacturing by not allowing misalignment before assembly.

Natech uses design of experiments (DOE) to approach risks during prototyping. For this lateral flow device, our team increased the springboard distance to allow the part to function properly.

Our mid to high-volume automated and semi-automated manufacturing of plastic injection-molded components and assemblies for single-use, metered-dose, and multi-use disposables for the drug delivery, consumer packaging, and diagnostics industries offer high quality with economic value.

Our lateral flow cassette product finishing capabilities include hot stamping, banding, pad printing, silk screening, flaw coating, conductive painting, cosmetic painting, metalizing, and plating.

Our assembly and joining capabilities include product filling, foil/heat sealing, ultrasonic welding, heat staking, mechanical assembly, pinning & UV/hot melt gluing, custom packaging/kitting, and pouching.

We service the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Illinois, Oregon, Maryland, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Michigan and other regions.

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